Equal New Chances

Daily we are confronted with lovelessness,
Daily we are confronted with egoism,
Daily we are confronted with lies,
And daily we close our hearts..

We do not like to commit a Sin..
But we do like to judge someone else’s..
While I am breaking rules..
You are counting my Sins..
What choice did you make here?

We were not created to walk on another’s path..
Neither to tell how it needs to be traveled..
But we do have a shared responsibility to make eachothers paths soft when it needs to be walked barefooted..

If God can effortlessly look at us, over and over again, with eyes full of Love..
How can we ever misunderstand the way we need to look at any other pair of eyes that crosses our sight?

Can we be Brave again..
This time..
Let us restore whatever went wrong..
Let us be easy on eachother..
Let us carry the weight of sorrow together..
And let us take one step together on our own unique path..

You are not perfect, I am not perfect ..
But we do get perfect equal new chances to be a more Beautiful human being.




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