I’ll meet you there

When we act beyond our appearance, we enter a small space that's called the Universe. Here we connect, here we fight for good, here we learn how to destroy evil together. This place is not Yours nor Mine. It is Ours. I might not have reached there yet, but as long as I am moving,... Continue Reading →

Nine nights, nine enemies

Navratri is a festival celebrated in the Hinduism. During this festival Hindus celebrate the devotion to mother Goddess. For some this means being very spiritual, other practise different kinds of rituals. I am not really celebrating but I do keep the traditions as we were taught from home. For us this means to be vegetarian... Continue Reading →

Love is always there

They ask me what Love is.. and I know I have the answer but still my mind refuses to put it into a definition. How can I define a word that exists out of feelings rather than out of letters? I see it in the blowing kisses of two kids that say goodbye when I... Continue Reading →

Take out the trash

Tired of the load you need to carry? Day in day out it seems to get heavier and the goal to get rid of it seems to slowly blur away. For everyone else this might mean a different load. While some are being overload with emotional stuff, some are being held down by worries and... Continue Reading →

Dirty Hands

  " Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. " Words that marked their meaning in such a way that we still can hear them echoing after they were spread by the legendary Bob Marley. To me every inch of this scentence is true and can only be lived by if... Continue Reading →

The blind leading the blind

Did you also notice a huge booming in activities around business coaches / motivational speakers and other superior names they entitled themselves with? Suddenly everyone got the knowhow, intellect, skills and abilities to tell you how it needs to be done. We pay them and they will help us find our passion, help us reach... Continue Reading →

Small Gestures

Words on paper, words written and words in the air, They accompany thoughts instead of being out there.. Words that can be said but never find their way out, They never break the chains that hold them inside the mouth.. Maybe it is a simple I Love You or just a I Miss You pure... Continue Reading →

A Lion doesn’t always Roar

Often leaders and bosses are expected to be loud and visible. Loud in their voice, bold in their actions, fierce in their moves. The classical comparison with this animal is not a unknown one. While it is used for ages as symbol for several countries and villages, nowadays it keeps showing-up in logo's and other... Continue Reading →

Mooi Suriname

In al jouw rust en schoonheid sta je er nog. Zware afdrukken achtergelaten op jouw bodem, zwaardere stappen die nog gezet zullen worden op jouw bodem maar je zakt niet weg. Stevig als ondergrond voor al jouw kinderen sta je er nog. Jouw heldere wolken gevuld met heb zuchtigheid, ego├»sme, verdriet en nog meer negatieve... Continue Reading →


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