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Equal New Chances

Easter makes you re-think what our main purpose is. I am not a Christian but every year I watch another version of the story of the resurrection of Jesus. It’s funny how similair the moral is to the celebration of other days in a different religion. Yess.. I said funny, because somehow we still find the need to fight over religion.

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Vasthouden aan elkaar

This was written in september 2016. During this time Suriname was going through hard times. It is in Dutch, the mother language of the country because of the historical relationship with The Netherlands. Even today the situation is not better, inhabitants have a hard time due too the negative political and economical environment.

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Een schoongeveegd Hart

Something to think about while celebrating Divali. A festival of lights where the Hindu’s worship the Goddess of wealth.

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Mooi Suriname

This country has the charmes to steal your heart. It has hanging some big grey clouds above it right now, but that doesn’t take away the fact that ‘Suriname’ is a feeling on it’s own.

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A little Reminder

Just a little word to remind us of what really matters.

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Letter to my 30th

The moment that you understand that a year has passed and left you with so much more than just a upgraded number.

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