Dirty Hands


” Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. “

Words that marked their meaning in such a way that we still can hear them echoing after they were spread by the legendary Bob Marley. To me every inch of this scentence is true and can only be lived by if we are not afraid to make our hands dirty.

Yess ofcourse.. it is neccesary that we need to make sure that our hands are clean at some point. But before that point is reached it is almost mandatory to use those same hands to dig into the dirt. Let them work, let them get dusty and dirty. Let them feel pain, let them get scars and wounds. What is there to wash when the hands were clean in the first place?

Nobody is born to keep their hands clean. We were given two beautiful hands to explore, touch and feel everything that this life has to offer. Some things will make your hands rough.. only to be soften again. Some things will cause pain to your hands.. so you can feel relieved again. What matters is that we keep on exploring with both hands open. No matter the hurt, no matter the pain, no matter the dirt. And while exploring, remind yourself everytime you feel the urge to point at someone; your hands can only be clean after you have washed them.

So instead of blaming someone or pointing to someone else. Stop keeping your hands clean. Admit that they are dirty, admit that you’ve failed, admit you’ve used those hands to get it wrong. After that .. take your time to wash them. Recover from whatever did not worked out flawless.

Only then we are able to point fingers, because we’ve learned from the time that our hands were not clean. We should not be afraid to get pointed too.. only then we will get the chance to know our hands need to be washed. And even more important.. we should not be afraid to point fingers when we finally have clean hands. You know how you’ve got them clean.. and from that experience the next pair of hands has the opportunity to keep away the dirt.

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