The blind leading the blind

Did you also notice a huge booming in activities around business coaches / motivational speakers and other superior names they entitled themselves with? Suddenly everyone got the knowhow, intellect, skills and abilities to tell you how it needs to be done. We pay them and they will help us find our passion, help us reach success and eventually will make your long awaited dream to become a millionaire come true. Great right??

Well honey, take a seat in the reality chair and start using your own brains.

That the media is brainwashing us daily should not be any news to you. With the internet we found a even more easy tool for instant brainwash sessions. Everything comes down to commercial activities that are feeded by your interests. And ofcourse who wouldn’t fall for some nice words put inside your context? Whether you read them on the internet, hear them during some kind of workshop or catch them from a ‘motivational speaker’.. it is barely enough to still your business munchies. Unfortunately these words were not destined for you or your situation, but for a common environment that is shared by people in the same target group

How is it possible that all these people know what is best for you and so many others? I bet most of them don’t even run a business or just started to look around the corner. Whatever they are offering is rather based on their charisma, likeability and presentation skills. Great when you want to have a good night or day out or need something to talk about. Not so great when you actually do need some help, advise or tools to reach your personal (business) goals.

So here is from me to you, from someone who is still figuring out, some little notes:

1. Your passion is yours and yours only.

No one else will find it for you and it is only your job to figure it out.

2. Whatever you need is based on your unique situation.

Yess, we do have common business cases but all with a different background. What will work for you is only your job to find out.

3. Knowledge and education is neccesary but useless when it’s not destined for you.

And also this is only your job to learn where and how to educate yourself.

4. Without experience it is the blind leading the blind.

You need something because you lack something. No use to get it from someone who doesn’t provide your shortcomings. Therefore it is only your job to make the right choice in any form of business support.

5. Do whatever works for you. Ofcourse we are inspired by the success stories of others but these are not your story.

You write your own success story based on your experiences.

Basically; it al comes down to You, You and You.

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