Small Gestures

Words on paper, words written and words in the air,
They accompany thoughts instead of being out there..

Words that can be said but never find their way out,
They never break the chains that hold them inside the mouth..

Maybe it is a simple I Love You or just a I Miss You pure and from the heart,
It doesn’t matter what is the message, You should know that the words “I Care” are a big part..

It is not ego nor about proud,
But tell me what is more true,
Some letters rolled from the tongue into the cloud,
Or the numberless forms of affection between me and you..

A little glimpse from eye to eye,
A firm shoulder warm and secure,
A hot cup of tea in the middle of the street,
Without mentioned why,
These small gestures are where our souls meet..

So the next time that you question some words,
Thinking of something you did not hear..
Find yourself in memories that kept you away from hurts,

While my eyes might look at you with a touch of fear,
They have already locked you inside my heart.. always close, always here.

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