Letter to my 30th


Dear 30th,

You were not the easiest one but definitely the most memorable one. Thank You for giving me Love in numberless forms.

You’ve showed me that tears of grieve can be handled with a smile. You’ve showed me that there is no loneliness when we are willing to share. You’ve showed me that caring doesn’t need to be said but done. You’ve showed me that butterflies still can pop out of nothing. You’ve showed me that missing a person only comes from precious moments of the feeling being at home. And most of all you’ve showed me that pain is only whatever I accept to feel. I accept to feel and remember Love.

I understand there is not much left, yet it is all I have. I promise to be brave and gracefully give the best of me for what is after you.
Charmed by and Blessed with the Beautiful Souls who’ve made my 30th Memorable.

Thank You ❤




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